September 26th 2022

Known Issues and Enhancement Requests

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General Concepts

Permissions via Roles

The system uses a role-based authorization system. At the time of login, users are granted roles based on several factors:
[*]Roles explicitly granted to them in the database using Back Office -> Users -> Roles
[*]Roles granted to them automatically in the database by making a purchase (e.g. purchasing a memership/ticket can grant the "member" role)
[*]Roles granted to them for this session (not in the database) based on their position within a department (e.g. Being marked as the Manager of a department will automatically grant them the "manager" role)

The system assumes the following general hierarchy for authority using the following roles:
[*]admin (access to everything in the system)
[*]director (access to almost everything)
[*]manager (access to things related to the department they manage, including promoting a staff member to supervisor)
[*]supervisor (everything a manager can do, except make someone a supervisor)
[*]staff (very limited access)

If you use a different name or hierarchy, you will need to map them to this list.